Texas homeowners don’t get to stretch the legs of our heaters for very long.  Even though we do not use them for long it is still very important to have your heater checked yearly.

Why do I need yearly heat checks?

Health and safety concerns are the main reason to have your heater checked yearly.  Your heater contains a live fire, cracks around the compartment the fire is contained in could be hazardous to your family.  Warm air is delivered to each room via the duct system, meaning a leak would deliver carbon monoxide filled air directly to each room in your home.

It is very important to have carbon monoxide detectors in your home and to check them regularly.  However, much like a smoke alarm needs smoke before warning you of a fire, carbon monoxide detectors need elevated levels to warn you of a potential poisoning.  Carbon monoxide detectors allow 8 parts per million in our air before going into a warning state.

What are you checking?

Our certified technicians have a comprehensive list to check your homes heater every year.

–        Your systems potential of releasing carbon monoxide

–        Cracks in and around the heat exchanger

–        Ensure safeties are operating correctly – safeties are designed to shut the system off in case of a malfunction making them incredibly valuable to the performance of your heating system.

Homeowners should know that yearly heater and safety inspections are still important on new systems.  Improperly installed systems can crack within a year of installation.  Homeowners in Houston, Austin and Dallas can rely on our trained HVAC technicians to keep their family safe during our short cold seasons.