It’s 6:30AM and you’re trying to make a mad dash for the door.  While blow drying your hair you plug in the curling iron to heat up when the lights click off. Hearing the TV still running in the adjacent room you quickly realize a breaker must have tripped.  With a heavy sigh and a frizzy head you begrudgingly stomp away to the breaker box.  While sometimes a breaker can simply be put back into action it is important to acknowledge a deeper issue could be stirring.  Here are some tips on bad breaker trips.

What is the purpose of a breaker?

The job of a breaker is to kill (or break) power in a circuit.  If a breaker does not trip when a circuit is overloaded the current could arc.  Since electricity is always looking for ground it will try to escape the circuit by any means necessary.  A breaker that doesn’t trip could cause a fire. Homeowners should always be aware that just because a breaker is allowing a circuit to function after a trip does not mean it is functioning properly.

Why is my breaker tripping and how can I avoid it?

Overloaded Circuit

  • Too many devices pulling electricity through one circuit – Try relocating some of your devices then resetting the breaker
  • If a breaker trips and allows you to reset it this could be a simple case of an overloaded circuit

Bad Breakers

  • Will usually not reset
  • Will trip immediately upon resetting – this breaker will need to be replaced

It is important to know that every time a breaker trips the life expectancy of the breaker is reduced.  If you notice a breaker tripping regularly give Stark Services a call.  Our qualified technicians can test your circuits and let you know if you are over loading or if it is time to replace.  Call us today at 817-633-2665.