The last thing any homeowner wants to come face to face with is a sewer line that is clogged.  Imagine flushing your toilet but the contents emerge somewhere else in your home.  Main sewer line stoppages can back up your homes drainage into your bathtubs, sinks and overflow any or all toilets.

When noticing sewage backing up into other areas of the home it’s important not to continue trying to flush water down the line.  Many newer homes or homes that have had their main sewage line replaced have a cleanout within 4 feet of the perimeter of their home – location varies based on which way your utilities run.   If your home has a clean out, locate it, remove the cap slowly and move back as contents may overflow depending on where the clog is.  If contents from the sewer line spill out try to replace the cap and keep people and pets away from the contaminated area.  Try to scoop up anything you can with a shovel and dispose of immediately.  If the line is clear the problem is typically in or under the home.

If you suspect your main sewer line is backed up there is always a reason.  There could be roots in the line, a collapsed portion of the line, separation of the line (due to soil movement) or a belly in the line which is a sagging due to soil movement.  All of these things are easy to diagnose with a camera inspection of the line provided by one of our well qualified plumbing technicians.


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