The other day while taking a shower the hot water ran out about 5 minutes into the process. Thinking that it may be the hot water heater I put in a service request with America Home Shield. The order was assigned to Stark Services and I am very glad that it was. Jason came out initially and felt that it was a leak under the foundation and because of this set it up so that JP could come out the next day to further diagnose the issue. The foundation leak was confirmed and JP told me about the option of rerouting versus jack-hammering through the foundation which seemed like a much better option to me for various and obvious reasons. It was late in the day on Friday so JP told me that Stark would work to get the approval for the work from AHS and that they should be able to come out that next Tuesday to complete the reroute. On Tuesday both JP and Jason were there to complete the work and knocked it out in a little over half a day. The city inspector came out today and approved the work saying that it was a good job. JP and Jason made an annoying situation much easier to deal with. I recommend Stark to anybody in need of work especially JP and Jason. Thanks guys!
Stark Services