First, Stark Air/Services installed a Complete new home systems - A/C and Heating unit, did a lot of 're-engineering/calucations' of my home and duct work/air handling about 9 years ago.  They did an outstanding job in every respect.  They were able to install a 'smaller', less expensive, more efficient, less costly utilility bills, etc by finding that the 5 ton A/C that I had was actually over sized for my home - they installed a new 4 ton unit and it has served my home with all the cost saving they said since then. I have continued to use them throughout the last 9 years since.  They have Never sent out a technician that was anything less than Top Notch, excellently trained.  Normally, they have almost always had same day response, and at most 24 hours.  Simply put - I could not be more satisfied.Now, regarding my most recent service and the technician that came out.  I am on a semi-annual systems 'check-up' program, which I also would highly recommend.  The technician that came out two weeks ago was Erik Moreno, he did my spring A/C check up and installed a 'hard start' kit which my system needed.  Yesterday I had a problem with my A/C which I thought 'might' have been associated with the new equipment he installed - it wasn't.  But when he came out, same day, to check out this problem he found a problem with my drainage which was hidden and could not be readily found during his check up two weeks ago, it only showed up After I started using it.  This is something that they try to check during their semi-annual checks - however as I said, Some things just can't be found unless the system is actively being used.  However, since he had just done the check up two weeks ago, they sent Erik back out on the same day I called even though they were backed up - typically this time of year.  Erik had to work late in order to assist me  ...thank you Erik.  He arrived about 7 pm.  He first checked to make sure the source of the problem was not with the new equipment he had installed two weeks before, it wasn't.  He then quickly determined where the problem really was.  Since the problem was of a type that the spring check up would have found If it had been in use, he repaired the problem with No Questions - under warrenty of my semi-annual 'Check Up Program'.  Erik was Excellent in Every respect; knowledge, customer service, and Friendly.  However, Erik is representitive of every tech I have ever had at my home from Stark Service Company.  Thank You Stark for having techs like Erik, please past my thanks on to him.  ...Thank you for your great service over the years.
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