My AC began to blow only air (not cooled air) on a Friday night. Our interior unit was running but it turns out the exterior unit had failed. On Saturday morning I called Stark Air. Not only was I surprised by how nice they were on the phone, but they had an appointment for that day. I figured with the awful summer we've been having that there would be no way they could see me today.The appointment was schedule for between 4-7 PM. I went to my in-laws to wait it out as the temperature in my house had already risen well above comfortable.At 1:30 I get a call that the service guy had a cancellation and could be at my house at 2 - even better! I met him there and within half an hour he had found the culprit (a busted run capacitor), replaced it, replaced my filters (that I'd neglected to change) and was on his way. He, too, was very kind and knowledgeable. He didn't try to upsell me on anything.About as great of an experience you could have with something like this.
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