Tankless Water Heaters

2015 brings up to a 30% rise in the cost of conventional tank water heaters. For many homeowners this jump in price has not only further highlighted the shortcomings of tank style water heaters but also reduced the price difference between tank and tankless models.

Tank Water Heaters are Limited

There are several drawbacks to owning a tank style water heater. For homes where the heater is located in the attic there are even more drawbacks.  Not only is every tank water heater limited by its capacity, those located in the attic or in crawl spaces are ticking time bombs of possible destruction.  As the water heater ages, leaks begin to appear especially for those that are not well taken care of.  If the water heater pan has no overflow or if the overflow becomes clogged with debris the water has no place else to go other than over the walls of the pan and into your attic, causing a large amount of damage in often a short amount of time.

Free Up Your Schedule for Hot Water

Perhaps your tank heater hasn’t been up to the task of completing every day chores without putting together a schedule.  Maybe you’ve become accustomed to bath/shower schedules, washing dishes at approximate intervals that do not coincide with the washing machine.  It’s time to throw those schedules away.  Tankless water heaters provide endless hot water for your family and its needs. Whether you want to wash 1 load of clothes or 10, there will always be hot water enough for a shower or three!

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

  • Tankless water heaters are energy efficient
  • They are considered part of the green movement
  • Forget the days where you worried about being out of hot water
  • No worrying about a large amount of water in the attic that could damage your home

Tankless water heaters have been steadily gaining ground in the United States over the past few years.  Our professional plumbers can help you decide what is the right option for your home and your needs.

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