Plumbing Re-Piping Dallas / Fort Worth

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that metals deteriorate over time.  Unfortunately most Dallas/Ft. Worth homes were once piped with galvanized and copper water supply lines.  Over time the deterioration of these lines manifests in yellowish water, decreased water pressure or even small pinhole leaks.  Stark Services licensed plumbers can offer several options to replace those old pipes.

When it’s time to call

  • Reduced water pressure can be a sign of pinhole leaks or rust debris building up in the supply lines.
  • Rust flakes in water are a sure sign it’s time to replace those old galvanized pipes.
  • Rust in the lines can give your water a yellowish appearance.
  • AS a result of rust build-up in your water, leaky fixtures or long exposure could result in brown discoloration of sinks and tubs.

What are the advantages of re-piping?

  • What’s as certain as death and taxes?  Galvanized pipes are going to deteriorate and rust.  Texas’ hard water actually perpetuates that environment.  Ditch those galvanized pipes before they do hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage to your fixtures and water appliances.
  • One of the most common damage causing leaks found are from copper pipes.  Copper pipes are prone to hard to find pinhole leaks.  Since these pipes typically lay horizontally in our attics, ceiling damage is best to be avoided.

What types of re-piping does Stark Services offer?

  • Horizontal re-pipes take care of all horizontal lines in the attic and crawl spaces.
  • Vertical re-pipes take care of pipes running vertically in the walls.  Small incisions are made in the drywall to remove your old pipes.  The home owner will need to make arrangements to have the drywall repaired separately.
  • Whole house re-piping encompasses both options mentioned above.

Replacement Materials

Stark Services is currently using Wirsbo PEX piping to replace all incoming piping.  PEX piping is the new industry standard.  It closely resembles plastic tubing.  It is flexible, durable and more cost efficient than other replacement materials.  PEX comes in various colors like red, white and blue. Wirsbo PEX comes with a 25 year manufacturers warranty.

If your home currently shows signs of galvanized or copper piping call us.  Our knowledgeable plumbers are ready to help, we even have financing options with approved credit should you need it.


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