Main Sewer & Drain Repair

One sure fire way to ruin any day is a sewer stoppage.  Stark Services qualified plumbers can assess your drainage issues and recommend the best solution to repair them.

Sewer Line Issues

Our sewer lines wash away a myriad of things day in and day out.  Often, it’s the things we put down our drains that create blockages and lead to a full stop of the line.   Here are our top 5 findings while on sewer calls:

  • Excessive paper products. – No, we don’t mean toilet paper.  Paper towels are made to absorb and retain liquid as opposed to how toilet paper breaks down.  Baby wipes are also not designed to break down.  These two paper products are regular culprits in main line sewer stoppages.
  • A toy a day will keep your plumber paid. – Kids will be kids but a toy in your line will cost to remove.  We suggest child proofing the toilet when youngsters are present.
  • Be sure your trees aren’t rooting against you. – Did you know that roots will only grow as far out as the circumference of the canopy? Keep your tree limbs trimmed to prevent an unruly root structure.

How do I know if it’s a sewer issue?

Sewer line issues manifest in different ways.  Some homeowners notice a ‘gurgling’ noise when running water or emptying a sink/tub.  The most affirming sign is the re-emergence of water.  If you run water or flush a toilet and it emerges in another area of the home or in another sink/toilet there is definitely a sewer line issue.

How can Stark Services help?

Our licensed plumbers can accurately asses your issue and quote the repair type that is right for the situation.  Our plumbers can perform:

  • Install a clean out. – Clean outs are essentially an easy access point for your sewer line.  Most newer homes already have a clean out.
  • Offer a spot repair. – Stark Services does not have a minimum requirement for spot repairs.  Our knowledgeable plumbers are trained to only replace what is needed.
  • Complete line replacements and reroutes. – Stark Services can replace your entire line if necessary or offer other options if they seem more cost effective.
  • Free camera inspections are offered when we are called out for a residential main line sewer issue where there is an existing clean out.


  • Jetters – Stark Services owns several jet machines to help clean pipes from the inside.
  • Sewer machines with different heads – these do not guarantee root blockages to be cleared.

If you have noticed water re-emerging in other areas of your home when flushing a toilet or running a water appliance, give Stark Services a call.  Our licensed plumbers can diagnose and repair all of your plumbing problems.


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