Conventional Tank Water Heaters

Dallas/Ft. Worth homeowners depend on their water heaters day in and day out.  Stark Services offers repair, replacement and maintenance options to keep your conventional tank water heater performing for your family.

Tank Water Heaters are Changing

Regulations change for plumbing related appliances and services over the years. April of 2015 brings many new regulations to tank style water heaters.  These regulations are intended to lessen the environmental impact of traditional tank water heaters.  The units are getting taller and thicker and may not easily fit back into their old spots.  Manufacturer regulations are predicted to drive up costs for both gas and electric water heaters by up to 30%.  Until April manufacturers can continue to produce units under current regulations however these models are already becoming scarce.

What if I want to repair my water heater?

Our qualified plumbers at Stark Services always strive to do everything they can to repair your current water heater.  We repair all makes and models of water heaters.  We also provide a yearly maintenance service called priority maintenance.

Stark Services plumbers can assess your current water heater and recommend the best course of action.  From repair to replacement tank or tankless we’re ready to prove we care with every repair.


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