HVAC Replacement in Dallas, Ft. Worth

While Dallas residents might not always agree which side of town is the best side of town, there is one thing we can all agree on; replacing an air conditioning system is for the birds! At some point we all face this dreaded monster of a task, but thankfully the folks here at Stark Services are here to put your mind at ease during such a difficult decision to a homeowner.  We’ve even taken the liberty of putting a few good points together for those that are already looking to replace or needing to replace in the future.

Replacing Your HVAC System – The Why and When

Maybe the problems you’ve been having with your unit seem just like a bad dream.  Or like a coach in the corner, you keep hoping it’s going to get over it and this will be the “last repair”.  Whatever your reasons for thinking it might be time, we’ve found that as units age they become inefficient and costly to repair.

  1. Aging System – AC systems don’t have typically long life spans, especially those installed by builders.  If your home has the original “builder’s grade” system, chances are you won’t see it long past it’s 10th birthday.  We even have customers that have had to replace before the 10 year mark. Whether or not your unit was put in by the builder the maximum warranty on an HVAC system is 10 years parts and labor.  Anything after that warranty will come directly from your pocketbook.
  2. High Repair Bills – Stark Services makes maintaining your system an easy job, with an easy monthly payment, but once things start to break on an HVAC system repairing gets old.  One major repair a year is an easy pill to swallow but once things get into the 3-4 repairs a year it’s definitely time to start considering a newer system.
  3. Old inefficient systems mean high electricity bills. –  Our HVAC systems can account for anywhere between 50-70% of our home energy usage. Factor in an old or malfunctioning system and you’ve got the equivalent of 3 teenagers eating up electricity in your home.  With advanced technology, homeowners have seen up to a 20% decrease in overall energy usage with the installation of a new HVAC system.

Technology Advancements and Your HVAC System

  1. HVAC systems working smarter not harder. –  In the air conditioning business we mean it when we say “they don’t make ’em like they used to,” and it’s a good thing!  Older systems are only full stop or full go, there’s no middle ground, and the good people helping make our air conditioning and heating systems last longer have figured out that’s not the best way for them to be.
    • 1 (or Single) Stage Equipment – Your current unit is probably a single stage HVAC system.  All it knows how to do is be on 100% or be off 100%, but studies have shown that we need some middle ground.  If my thermostat is set to 76° and the system turns off because it’s done it’s job, it won’t kick back on until the temperature has risen a few degrees.  When it does come back on, it turns back on full throttle, time and technology have shown us there’s a better way.
    • 2 (or Dual) Stage Equipment – With time came the advancement from 1 to 2 stage equipment.  2 stage equipment is still on the market today and is avidly trying to replace single stage equipment.  Like our scenario in single stage equipment, if my system has done it’s job to cool my home to 76° and turns off, when it turns back on it only utilizes 66% of it’s potential to cool off the few degrees the house has warmed back up to instead of using 100%.
    • Variable Speed Equipment – Variable speed equipment is the coolest thing to hit the market in recent years (pun intended).  Much like the transmission in your car slowly increases from 0 and adjusts as needed based on your usage of the accelerator, this system starts at 0 and only uses what it needs – your thermostat is the accelerator.  Variable speed systems have shown through tests to run on a low setting most of the time, saving you money and earning that energy efficiency rating.
  2. Thermostats – Those old style thermostats gave a whole new meaning to “the electric slide”, if you weren’t careful that’s exactly what happened to your electricity bill. Today’s thermostats bring with them a ‘set it and forget it’ type of attitude, even if some of their features vaguely resemble every SciFi horror flick ever written.
    • Programmable Thermostats – Programmable thermostats have been on the market for quite some time now, allowing their users to handle up to 2 temperature changes per day for 5 to 7 days depending on the model type. No need to worry about changing the thermostat by hand before leaving the house, and coming home to a cool house every day is definitely a modern type of miracle.
    • WiFi Thermostats – WiFi thermostats definitely haven’t been around that long but have perks of their own for the crowd that wants the freedom to know what their AC system is doing no matter where they are.  With applications residing in most app stores, the owners of these devices have full control of when and by how much they can adjust their system.  For the truly brave you can even let this thing know where you are and adjust itself based on your geo-targeted location (no, I’m pretty sure that is NOT the terminator walking up your driveway).  With neat little features like graphs and usage statistics, you can truly have an idea about your HVAC systems carbon footprint.

Financing That Fits Your Budget

No need to break the bank or tap any of those savings accounts, we offer Wells Fargo financing options that fit your budget with approved credit.  Learn more >>

Proving We Care with Every Repair

Stark Services has been servicing and replacing HVAC systems for over 25 years in the Dallas/Ft. Worth areas.  Every employee that talks to you or enters your home is a well-qualified employee of Stark Services.  Let your replacement journey begin with a no cost in home evaluation to determine which AC and heating system is going to be the right fit for your home (this consultation does not include a mechanical evaluation of existing equipment).  One size doesn’t fit all and our replacement specialists are trained with that thought in mind.  Once the choice is made our installation experts take over and treat your home like the prized possession we know it to be.  If you’re ready to take the trip down Replacement Trail, let us be your guide.  Call today (817) 633-2665 or (972) 633-2665 if you’re in the greater DFW Metroplex and let Stark Services show you what 5 star service really is.


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