Residential Gas Testing Process – DFW

City and municipal codes have specific requirements for re-establishing gas service to a property. That’s why we have prepared this information in explanation of the gas test procedure and to better inform our customers.

When A Gas Test Is Required

Your gas system (piping) must be tested by a licensed plumber to determine if a leak exists. If gas service has been discontinued and has been plugged, tagged, or pulled by a municipality then a gas test must also be performed.

Bottom Line: Gas service will not be restored by the municipality until a gas test has been completed.

Permits and Municipal Codes

In order to perform a gas test, a permit is required by the municipality in which the residence is located. And all gas appliances as well as any gas outlets at the residence must also be inspected to verify that they comply with the municipalities’ codes.

Appliances that use gas (water heaters, furnaces, stoves and ovens, fireplaces, gas grills) will need to be inspected and must meet municipality codes. If repairs or upgrades are needed, a flat rate price will be given by your service provider.

Testing Process

  1. Leak testing is done by applying a gage to test the pressure of the system and monitoring that pressure.
  2. If leaking is detected in the gas system, the next step is to locate the leak(s) and make the appropriate repairs.
  3. The location of the leak(s) and the necessary repairs will be performed on a time and material basis.

What Stark Services Can Do?

We will provide you with a quote listing any necessary repairs and require your approval to get started. But we’ll always make sure to provide the most cost-efficient solution. In some instances, re-piping will be more cost effective than searching for multiple leaks. Re-piping options will usually be offered at a fixed price.

Once all the repairs and code issues have been addressed, we will contact the municipality and schedule an inspection. Please note that the inspection can occur as long as 48 hours after the municipality is contacted. During this entire process, we’ll prepare a daily service ticket to document work performed.

Following the successful inspection by the municipality, they will contact the gas operator to re-install the gas meter, if it had been previously removed, and activate gas service to the residence. This next step can occur as long as 24 hours after the gas purveyor has been contacted.

How To Schedule A Gas Test

Call Stark Services at 817-633-2665 to schedule one of our licensed plumbers to visit your home.

If leaks are determined to exist, they must be located and fixed before gas can be restored. Stark Services can do this for you. The test cannot be started and completed in the same day (if no leaks are found) because the inspector has to be scheduled and must witness the test; and the test pressure must be maintained for a specific amount of time while the inspector is observing.

Call our DFW direct customer service number at 817-633-2665 to schedule a gas test or learn more about the process.