Plumbing Priority Membership

Plumbing Maintenance Agreement Features & Benefits

Throw away that calendar and let Stark Services make your home our priority with year-round scheduled service agreement. Get preferred scheduling and a whole-home inspection without having to pay extra.

Plumbing Service Benefits

  • Avoid potential headaches or repairs by finding issues now
  • Insure your water heater is safe and up to code
  • Get a heads up on repairs you may want to plan
  • Learn the condition of your visible water lines

Plumbing Annual Inspection

  • Inspect Toilets, Faucets & Drains
  • Flush Your Water Heater
  • Check Pipes Under Sinks
  • Examine Washer Hose Bibs And Hoses
  • Examine Washer Hose Bibs And Hoses
  • Look For Leaks On Exposed Piping
  • Inspect Gas Valves, Water Heater And More

Membership Pricing

*Add $109 if you have more than one A/C system

Limited-Time Add On

Avoid future safety issues and know that preventative maintenance and inspections are scheduled without having to call ahead.