Pharaoh Ants of Texas

Pharaoh Ants of Texas: How To Identify

Do you have an ant problem that you can’t get rid of? Chances are you’re experiencing a problem with the Southeast Texas Pharaoh Ant.

What Do Pharaoh Ants Look Like?

Pharaoh Ants are very small, approximately 1/16 – 1/12 inch long, and are pale yellow to reddish in color. They have been known to nest in moist, humid locations such as weep holes, wall voids and behind baseboards. If you have pets, you may notice them trailing to the food and water bowls.

The size of a Pharaoh Ant colony can vary in size from very small to extremely large. Smaller colonies will contain as little as two reproductive queens, where as larger colonies can contain several hundred reproductive females.

Can I Treat Pharaoh Ants Myself?

Most of the over the counter treatments are known as contact insecticides. When treating for Pharaoh Ants with a contact insecticide, you may irritate the colony causing the nest to scatter forming several smaller colonies that will eventually multiply. This process is also known as budding. This makes treating this type of ant on your own a difficult task

How To Get Rid Of Pharaoh Ants

The best method for complete Pharaoh Ant elimination would be one of our maintenance programs that included a non-repellant liquid treatment combined with a form of bait. Bait for Pharaoh Ants come in a gel or granular form. These ants can be eliminated with a single treatment, but in more severe cases a follow up will need to be scheduled to verify elimination.

Warning! It is important that after the home is treated you avoid all baited areas with household cleaners. When the ants find the bait and start trailing they will leave behind a pheromone trail, which will cause the other ants to trail through and pick up the bait. Household cleaners will eliminate the pheromone trail making your treatment unsuccessful.

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