Foundation Repair Installing Bell Bottom Piers

Dallas Foundation Repair: Installing Bell Bottom Piers

Scheduled a foundation repair? Below are the steps we take to install bell bottom piers:

Phase I

  • Upon arrival at your home, the supervisor will notify you of our crew’s presence.
  • The supervisor will designate the location of piers. At that time, shrubs and plants will be removed from the digging areas and placed into buckets or replanted in a location designated by you.
  • The boxing procedure is the next step. It involves the manual excavation of boxes below the slab beam creating the pier cap.
  • A fifteen-foot test hole is drilled on the property to determine the depth of stable load bearing clay for the placement of the bell bottom footing.

Phase II

  • Once the boxing procedure is complete and the depth of the stable clay is determined, a pier shaft will be dug mechanically to the depth of the load bearing clay.
  • Once the pier shaft has been dug, a bell-bottom will be excavated at the base of the pier shaft in the load bearing clay.
  • Prior to pouring concrete, Church Services has a professional engineer inspect the pier holes, verifying that the piers are at the proper depth and that the bell bottoms have been excavated.
  • Tied rebar reinforcement is then placed in both the pier shafts and the pier caps in preparation for the pouring of concrete.
  • A minimum of 3000 psi concrete is poured into each pier hole.
  • A concrete vibrator is lowered to the bottom of each pier hole to eliminate all possible voids and air pockets. This assures that the concrete is fully in place within the bell bottoms, pier shafts and pier caps.

Phase III

  • After the concrete is cured 7 to 14 days, we will begin the actual leveling procedure.
  • Hydraulic jacks will be placed on the pier caps.
  • The foundation will be raised by placing two concrete blocks (8″ x 8″ x12″) on the pier caps. Metal shims will be wedged between the tops of the blocks and the foundation beam, and the foundation will be lifted to within acceptable tolerances.
  • Once the foundation is raised, the metal shims will be put in place. The excavations will be back filled with topsoil. Concrete patches will be made on all concrete breakouts. Plants will be replanted at locations designated by you.

Foundation Pier Diagram

foundation pier diagram

Pier installation will require one to five days depending on the total number of piers (exterior and if applicable, interior). During the curing process, our team will not be present at the home. However, all pier holes will be covered with plywood for you and your family’s safety.

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