This fall, one of the many things to place on your to-do list is getting your furnace tune-up.  This maintenance will help to ensure that when you need your furnace, it will turn on and keep running. It will also keep your furnace efficiency optimal and your energy bills in-line.

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Your tune-up will include checking the internal components for any broken or damaged parts.  Problems like these can be hazardous to your home when the heat turns on, especially if electrical parts are at fault. Most parts can be easily fixed or replaced during routine service.   It’s a lot easier to have small repairs done when you don’t need the furnace than it is to go without heat on a cold winter day!

Dirt and neglect are the top causes of heating and cooling system inefficiency and failure. Cleaning the inside of your unit keeps everything working efficiently. Dirt, dust and debris can make the unit work harder and will contribute to wear and tear over the life of the unit.

Inspecting your home’s duct work and the inside of your HVAC system can determine if a more thorough cleaning is necessary. It’s important to remove the dust and debris that accumulates in your duct work so that it’s not forced out into the air you breathe.

For more information, check out this recommended maintenance checklist from Energy Star™.