Money Waster: Buying Freon For Your A/C System

Have an old R-22 air conditioning system and need Freon? Chances are your wallet felt lighter after the air conditioning installation was done, but you may have been ripped off.

Dramatic Price Increase for R-22 Freon

In an effort to cause less damage to the environment, the government stopped manufacturing air conditioning units using R-22 Freon in 2011. However, some air conditioning manufacturers found a loophole with dry charge units, which are simply air conditioning condensers that are sold and shipped containing no refrigerant.

Production on R-22 Freon was reduced even further in 2015, causing the price per pound of R-22 Freon to TRIPLE.

How To Manage The Cost

If your air conditioning system is leaking Freon it is fast becoming a better idea to oust that old equipment and purchase a system using R-410A.

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