Taking care of your plumbing is as important as checking your tire pressure. If you overlook a tiny leak, it can eventually cause a flat tire when you least expect it.

Tired of clogged drains around the house? Here’s a quick checklist to avoid kitchen pipe backups:

  1. Never pour grease down the drain
  2. Put grease in an old coffee can or pasta jar and dispose of it in the trash can
  3. Keep whole or partial fruits and vegetables out of your disposal
  4. Make a compost pile outside or toss whole food in the trashcan
  5. Remember to run water while using your disposal

We do offer a visual look via a camera with the completion of a drain cleaning at our regular flat rate price. This is only offered with sewer outside the house and only if the line has a clean out. If you suspect that you may have leakage in your under slab sewer lines we can perform a hydrostatic test.

Have a more serious draining issue? Call an expert if:

  1. If one or more drains in the house are not draining
  2. If water is returning to different parts of the house (example: your tub fills up when you run the dishwasher)
  3. No amount of plunging seems to keep a drain from becoming unclogged
  4. Recurring clogged drain issues

We will be glad to run a lengthened auger through your kitchen or bathroom pipes to clear away debris lodged in the pipes. We also offers sewer drain cleaning which consists of utilizing a large sewer machine to help clear the lines under the structure and in the yard line.

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