$79 Peak Performance A/C Tune-up

Our $79 Peak Performance A/C Tune-up will help keep you cool this summer!

Texas’ hot summer is here.

For just $79 each system (save $50 over our regular $129 price), Stark Services will make sure your A/C is ready. Our Peak Performance AC Tune-up is designed to extend the life of your system, maximize its efficiency and prevent untimely breakdowns from ruining your summer. All while keeping your unit under manufacturer warranties.

Here’s what your Peak Performance AC Tune-up includes:

  • Clean condenser coil
  • Clear condensate drain lines
  • Ensure proper refrigerant levels
  • Check all electrical components (capacitor, contactor, connections, etc.)
  • Assess overall system functionality and efficiency
  • Test all safety devices (especially important on gas systems)
  • Calibrate/check thermostat
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Assess filtration / air quality
  • Inspect cleanliness of indoor coil and blower wheel

We’ll make sure your AC is working right. So keep your cool this summer and call us for our $79 Peak Performance AC Tune-up. We’re proving we care with every repair.

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